Car mats

care and cleaning of interior carpets

To clean the interior mats of your car it will be necessary to remove them from their seat and bang them to remove the bulk of the dirt.

Then lay them on the ground and carefully remove the one that did not come off with a vacuum cleaner by bumping them.

If it is summer on a hot day we can wash them with water:

  • Let's put a few drops of cleaner on the mat

  • Let's water abundantly with the water hose

  • Roll them out and let them dry completely, damp mats often don't smell good.

When we have to change them because they are worn, remember to buy good quality and above all the right model, the wrong size mats tend to move while driving and therefore can be dangerous by getting stuck under the pedals.

rubber car mats

Work cars, the mats

For this type of car, where you get on and off frequently and maybe with dirty shoes, rubber mats are recommended. This type of mats are easily washable and are less delicate than traditional ones.


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