Cordless Drill Driver

with swing effect for masonry Bosch GSB 18-2-li

hammer effect battery drill

The modern cordless drills supported by a new generation battery have performances similar to those of drills with line power but have the advantage of a great handling thanks to their low weight.

The most advanced cordless drills have different features and can be used as:

  • Screwdriver thanks to the torque control friction we will not strip the screw, it is also light and versatile which is important for this type of use. Change of direction of rotation on the trigger.
  • Drill excluding the clutch, it behaves like a normal drill, the two rotation speeds can be set with the red lever to be used according to the size of the tip. The trigger allows you to adjust the speed of rotation in dynamics.
  • Drill for masonry , with striking effect to simply drill the masonry for drills with a maximum diameter of 10mm.

After heavy use

This is a subsequent addition to unboxing, after having used and thoroughly tested the drill in all its functions, some problems were highlighted:

  • Engine smoke, sparks and a burning smell . The safety system that electrically brakes the rotation as soon as the trigger is released causes this overheating problem with continued use. Until now the engine continues to run regularly, but the sparks and smoke do not bode well.
  • Spindle , without having suffered particular strokes, the rotation is much less precise and visibly eccentric. This creates problems when using very small tips.
  • Forget to install anchor anchors , these in fact need 12mm bits while the supplied chuck only carries bits up to 10mm.


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