Tow the car

how do you tow a car with rope and hooks

To tow a car in case of breakdown you will need to follow some rules:

tow ring car
  1. First of all it is necessary to identify the tow ring normally placed near the fascia. Note that some cars, for aesthetic reasons, do not always have it fixed, but it will be necessary to screw it into the predisposed seat.
  2. We turn the key on the ignition until the steering lock is released and the car's electrical system is activated. This way we will be able to operate the indicators, lights and wiper.
  3. Light the four arrows
  4. Remember that where present, the power steering and brake booster will not function making the steering and brake control very hard to operate.

Manual or mechanical gearbox

If the car to be transported has a manual gearbox, put it in neutral. If the car has an automatic transmission, do not try to tow it, you could compromise the transmission. In this case, have it transported by a tow truck.


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