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If your air conditioner or simpler air conditioning system is no longer cooling as it once did, maybe it's time to recharge.

It may indeed be necessary to add specific liquid gas to the system after a few years in order to restore the lost efficiency.

The air conditioner in fact works thanks to a compressor that compresses this gas which is passed into the external radiator to cool itself and is then passed into a radiator inside the car in contact with the ventilation system.

When the gas passes into the internal radiator the pressure decreases drastically and this, thanks to a known physical principle, becomes cold.

Being a cold body, the humidity contained in the air condenses on its surface.

It is thanks to this phenomenon that air conditioners can also control the degree of humidity in the air and not just the temperature.

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The invention of the air conditioner

Incredibly, the inventor of the air conditioner, the American engineer Willis Carrier, did not create the air conditioner in 1902 to counteract the summer heat.

In fact, he created the air conditioner to control the temperature and humidity of the premises of a printing industry in order to improve the printing quality.


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