Homemade unlocking lubricant

how to make your own anti-rust unlocking lubricant

penetrating unlocking oil

Before products unblocking lubricants were put on the market in practical cans, a self-produced mixture was used for this function.

To make a cheap homemade unlocking lubricant, you'll need to get a couple of ingredients:

  • Lamp oil for oil lamps very penetrating and fluid by capillarity, it is absorbed by the porosity of the metal. Degreases.
  • Lubricating oil for cars, it lubricates and dissolves perfectly in petroleum.

Unlocking lubricating oil=9 Parts Lamp oil + 1 Part Lubricating oil

The oil used alone would tend to seize, because it degreases a lot, it is used because it gives the compound an excellent power to penetrate even inside threads. It slowly dissolves the rust.

The mixture will consist of 9 parts of kerosene and 1 part of oil, exceeding the amount of lubricating oil will not improve the effectiveness.

A moment of patience

Once applied with a brush on the piece to be unlocked, let it act for some time, at least 5 minutes , to allow it time to penetrate and unlock. If you try to unscrew immediately after application it will be of little use

Preventing oxidation

To prevent oxidized metal from corroding, we can treat the surfaces with another traditional kerosene-based product, see here the recipe for the Anti-corrosive protective agent .


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