The car seals

body window door, keep them in order and repair them

repair car gasket

The seals on the machine have many functions. They can be used to seal the passenger compartment from the outside, preventing water and noise from entering.

Or they serve to dampen vibrations or serve as a guide to the windows.

To keep them efficient and long-lasting, protect them from aging by applying the product renewing rubber with a brush.

However, if they are worn or broken, you can replace them entirely or provide a "notch", that is, replacing only the damaged part with a new section. This type of maintenance is recommended in the case of door seals.

Let's see how to proceed in this case:

  1. Cut the damaged section with a cutter
  2. Insert a tube to join the new piece of gasket you previously cut to size
  3. Put the gasket back in place

Water leaks from fixed glass

If water gets inside the passenger compartment of the car from the fixed windows, you can fix it yourself. Carefully locate the infiltration point. Lift the gasket with a spatula and inject some transparent silicone. Press a little in the area and remove the excess silicone immediately afterwards with a damp cloth.


Matte bodywork


Wash the body


Car mats


Dry the car body


Scratches and marks on the bodywork


The upholstery of the car

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