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fuel consumption

If you use your car every day, the costs of fuel consumption can be very significant.

But we can save money thanks to a few tricks:

  • We always check that the tires are inflated to the right pressure, flat tires slow down the gear and increase fuel consumption as well as making driving dangerous

  • We try to keep a steady pace, continuous accelerations and restarts require the engine to run faster and therefore it consumes more.

  • We should preferably use high gears to make the engine spin slower to drive the car at the same speed.

  • We turn off the engine during prolonged stops.

  • We do not load in the car what is not needed, the greater the total weight of the car, the greater the consumption.

  • Aerodynamics, if the car travels with the windows down, especially at high speeds, it consumes more.

  • Pay attention to the price of fuel, a few cents on a full tank and above all on the annual consumption make the difference.

  • We turn off the air conditioner if it is not needed, the engine has to activate the air conditioning mechanism thus consuming more fuel.

car light on

Do car lights increase consumption?

All electrical devices on cars are powered by the battery.

This in turn is recharged by a device, the alternator, which is driven by the engine.

The alternator on a car is always running so actually turning on the car lights does not consume more fuel.


Efficient engine spark plugs


Noises in the passenger compartment


LPG fuels and methane


Replace the air filter


Change and top up engine oil


Replace car battery

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