Dry the car body

avoid stains, drops and halos

synthetic deerskin

To dry the machine immediately after washing you will need to use a natural or synthetic deerskin.

Remember to wet it and let it soak for a few moments before starting to use it so that it doesn't get damaged.

Just wipe it over the bodywork, squeezing it well from time to time.

Preserve the seals

After drying, pass the blackening liquid on the seals using a brush, this product protects the rubber from aging and gives it a beautiful intense black color.

You can also apply this product to car tires.

bodywork bright

Shiny bodywork, the makeup

To have a shiny bodywork it is necessary to apply the appropriate wax at least a couple of times a year. However, this requires some time and patience.

A body shop trick to make your car shine quickly and with little effort is to pour a small glass of diesel into the bucket while washing.

The diesel will in fact create a very thin greasy film that makes the body shine.

But remember not to go over the glass that would remain streaked. If this happens it will be enough to clean them with alcohol in order to degrease them.


Stains on the car seats


Door locks


Door windows


Glue and glues


The car seals


Car mats

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