Roof racks and ski racks

travel safely without losing the pieces on the road

By purchasing a fixed roof rack or ski rack (to be mounted on the rails) we verify that they are suitable for the type of car and of good quality.

fixed car roof rack

In the case of the magnetic ski carrier, check that the roof surface is smooth without grooves to ensure a good grip.

Before mounting it, remember to perfectly clean the surface to avoid slipping and chipping.

Check every two or three days that the screws on the luggage rack are tight.

closed aerodynamic luggage rack

Remember not to overload the roof, never load more than 50-70 kg.

If you use the roof rack often, consider using a lockable roof rack, it is more aerodynamic.

magnetic ski carrier

Magnetic ski carrier

It is more practical than those to mount on rails and can be easily removed once you arrive at your destination. Care must be taken during assembly and always use the safety strip to be closed in the car door.


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