Clean the car interior

how to clean the interior of the car hygiene and comfort

clean car interiors

On average we drive a couple of hours a day to go to work, so it goes without saying that spending them in a clean and fragrant environment improves the quality of our life.

So let's get into a quiet, shady place, tune in the radio and start cleaning our car without forgetting anything:

  • We remove the internal protective upholstery mats.

  • We vacuum the interior and dust the dashboard

  • We spray abundant polishing dashboards and polish all plastics thoroughly

  • We clean the glass from the inside with clean rags and specific products

perfume car lavender

Perfuming the interior

If you are not a smoker, you can use the ashtrays in your car to hold fragrant granules, or potpourri.

You can also use lavender flowers that release a pleasant and delicate scent for a long time.


The upholstery of the car


Rust on the bodywork


Unlock rusted screws


Automobile upholstery


Door locks

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