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Washing the car is a satisfying operation if the job is well done.

First you need to choose the right day, because on a windy day it is preferable to avoid drying too quickly, it can create annoying halos on the bodywork.

In the case of a hot sunny day, it will be advisable if possible to take the shade with the car and wet it with the water jet to cool the bodywork.

But let's see the steps in detail:

  1. Shut everything up! windows glass roof .. we will clean the interior later.
  2. Let's start wetting the entire bodywork to soften the dirt
  3. Let's prepare a nice bucket of water and car cleaner (do not use dish soap, it's too aggressive)
  4. We pass the jet of water inside the wheel arches, it is there that the mud often sticks
  5. Use the sponge or glove to go all over the bodywork. Soak the sponge often in order to rinse off the dirt, this operation is important because it avoids scratching the paint
  6. Rinse thoroughly with water jet.
  7. Now we can wash the rims, to do this always use soap and water but avoid using the sponge for the bodywork, the brake lining (the black powder) tends to smear the sponge. A synthetic brush
  8. is ideal for this
  9. If the lining is particularly adherent, you can use the special products to wash the car rims.
windscreen crack repair

The cracked windshield

If you notice small cracks during the cleaning operations, take the car to a specialized center.

They will be able to repair the crystal without replacing it with special products.

Insurers often pay for this type of repair when you are covered by the glass policy because it avoids replacing the windshield later with very different costs.


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