Bumpers and fascias

how to eliminate scratches and keep them black and shiny

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If you are lucky enough to still have the fascias and bumpers in unpainted black plastic, the small scratches will be almost invisible as you know.

In this case, however, over time the sun will tend to cook the plastic graying this part.

To remedy this unsightly effect that the car ages a lot, there are two solutions, one to replace the damaged parts, or buy the special blackener product for plastics which, in addition to restoring the black color, protects them over time from the sun's rays .

This product is not very well known and you will need to look for it in some well-supplied auto accessories.

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Replace bundles

Replacing the fascia of a car is not a very complicated operation, but one must be careful not to break the plastic hooks and the fixing points. Try to be delicate if you are new to the trade.


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