Replace the wiper blades

when to replace them

windscreen wipers

The wiper blades seem a trivial part and are of little importance to them even if they are the first technological expedient for the active safety of a car.

In fact, these thin rubber strips allow you to maintain better visibility in difficult conditions.

You can clean the edge of the rubber blade with a alcohol-soaked rag every time the car is washed.

It will also be a good rule to ensure the maximum efficiency of this component which inevitably tends to deteriorate over time by replacing it regularly.

For traditional wiper models with metal bow there are very cheap kits on the market that allow you to replace only the rubber with considerable economic and ecological savings.

windshield wiper system

The window cleaning system

The wipers work in concert with the nozzles that supply the washer fluid.

It will therefore be necessary to check its correct adjustment and the presence of the liquid itself.

Use the specific liquid and uncommon water because in the case of intense cold it would freeze.


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