Compulsory automobile inspection

when and how the compulsory vehicle inspection is done

compulsory revision

Since 1 January 2000 , the revisions follow the European community regulations .

This means that the review is mandatory every two years.

To overhaul the car, you can contact the provincial offices of the department of transport or a private garage.

Once the revision has been passed, an adhesive tag is released to apply on the registration certificate.

But let's see what is checked :

  • Brake efficiency

  • Steering play

  • Correct operation of the electrical system

  • Efficiency of axle wheels, suspension and tires

  • Good condition of bodywork and windscreen

  • Operation of the horn and seat belts

  • Checking the exhaust system and emitted gases

car exhaust gas analysis

Exhaust gas

The correct operation of the engine often affects the correct emission of gases.

It is often possible to notice some engine malfunction by examining the gas analysis.


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