Repair a sleeve

broken rubber temporary repair

sleeve engine

Often the rubber hoses that make up the connections of the cooling system become brittle as they age.

It can therefore happen that near the joints they break or crack, often in the vicinity of the fixing clamps.

To perform a temporary repair pending the necessary replacement we can do the following:

  • Remove the clamp and slide out the tube.

  • If the tube does not come off, we cut with a cutter horizontally in the section where the rubber surmounts the joint, this will allow it to be removed more easily.

  • Now with the mastic for high temperatures available in hardware stores (also called red paste, withstands up to 300 ° C) apply a generous layer on the clean joint and fit the sleeve.

  • Tape the area with duct tape or electrician's tape.

  • It will be necessary to wait at least 4/5 hours for the putty to hold.


Coolant, check the level

Check the coolant level after repairing.

To do this, top up the liquid up to the level indicated on the tray.

Then, with the engine running, we wait a few minutes and check the level again, if everything is ok, the operation was performed correctly.


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