Dashboard and car interior plastics

how to clean degrease and preserve the interior

clean car plastic dashboard

The dashboard of the car, also called cockpit, is often made of plastic materials and rarely covered in precious materials such as leather and briar.

For this reason, over time, plastic tends to attract dust and make it stick to its surface.

It is not easy to remove the dust fixed in the roughness of the plastic, but help comes from the dashboard polish products.

These products must be sprayed on the plastic parts, then wait a few minutes and then remove with a clean cloth.

These products do not grease and their composition helps to detach the dust by incorporating it into their molecules.

They are antistatic and therefore do not attack dust and leave a pleasant scent.

The steering wheel

Be careful to remove the dashboard polish from the steering wheel and from the car's controls very well because it can happen that if the product is still present it tends to slip your hand.


Door windows


Car mats


The car seals


Unlock rusted screws


Wash the body


Scratches and marks on the bodywork

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