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It often happens that there are minor repairs to be made on your machine.

If these are simple to make, we can take care of them personally, in fact, it may happen that you have to change a bulb in a headlight, replace the wipers, change a plastic part or assemble/disassemble some parts either for maintenance or to personalize our car.

In these cases we can safely take care of the work, saving on the mechanic's workforce, and also obtaining great satisfaction.

Here is an example of what we can do:

  • Brush maintenance

  • Windshield control

  • Bodywork maintenance

  • Interior maintenance

  • Maintenance of door and glass seals

  • Drain maintenance

  • Lubricate locks

  • Eliminate scratches

  • Tire maintenance

  • Eliminate rust

  • Renew bumpers and plastic parts

  • Checking the spark plug battery and fluid levels

Scratches, paints and retouches

For small scratches it is possible, thanks to the color code, to go to a well-stocked paint factory and have a can of paint prepared for minor touch-ups.


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