Professional mechanic

safety first, let's leave some jobs to professionals

professional mechanic

For an enthusiast, taking personal care of your car is very rewarding, but remember that certain operations that we can perform on our car can jeopardize its safety.

Important work on the chassis, the brakes, or the engine if not carried out in a workmanlike manner can cause dangerous accidents.

We leave the most delicate jobs to professional mechanics and therefore limit ourselves to the simpler but still rewarding maintenance operations.

Tires and wheels

The tires and rims that a car can fit in Italy do not depend solely on a purely mechanical matter. In fact, the car registration document lists the types of tires and rims approved by the engine for that type of car and can only fit those.


Cordless Drill Driver


Maintenance works


Angle grinder


The screws and screwdrivers


Anodize the aluminum


Beta Mini 900 / c39 travel tool box


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