Oxidized metal anticorrosive protective

low cost homemade product

protective metal

To protect the oxidized metal from corrosion traditionally a mixture composed of:

  • Lamp oil used for oil lamps
  • Boiled linseed oil used in carpentry to protect wood

Linseed oil dissolves perfectly in the oil which penetrates into the pores of the oxide, dragging the linseed oil with it. Over time the petroleum dries and cooked linseed oil forms a rubbery substance that preserves the metal.

Anti-corrosion protection=Lamp oil + Linseed oil between 30% and 50%

The protective mixture is easy to apply with a brush and will be absorbed by the metal. Let the treated piece air dry and repeat the application several times.

homemade unlocking oil

Homemade unlocking oil with kerosene

Another "traditional" product that is now out of fashion is homemade unlocking oil.

In fact, using kerosene we can create homemade unlocking oil see here the recipe Unlocking oil .

The blend works well and saves money.


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