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The angle grinder, also called flexible, is an electric tool that allows many processes. It can be used to cut the most varied materials thanks to the blades for every occasion. It can cut metal stone, wood, etc. It will be sufficient to install the appropriate blade for use.

As the name "grinder" implies, it is used to grind surfaces, for example removing excess from weld seams, burrs or rust.

flex angle grinder


The angle grinder is also called flexible, due to its flexibility of use, in fact it is suitable for many jobs.

Specifically, let's see how to use it if we want to cut a metal bolt or screw that we can no longer loosen because it is corroded or for other reasons.

Mount a metal cutting disc and tighten it well. Wear protective gloves and goggles to protect yourself from lapilli.

The disk will turn clockwise, so make sure to point the lapilli in the opposite direction to yours.

Without applying great pressure, cut properly, being careful not to tilt the blade.


Oxidized metal anticorrosive protective


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