Replace the air filter

how to change it yourself

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The air filter keeps dirt and dust out of the engine.

It is therefore very important to keep it clean and efficient to ensure the best functioning of the engine.

The filter is usually housed in a fairly bulky plastic container above the engine.

The compartment opens through metal clips. The porous paper cartridge cannot be cleaned but must be replaced.

The shape and type of the filter must be those specified by the manufacturer to ensure correct operation.

After removing the paper filter, carefully clean the plastic compartment before inserting the new filter.

foam_air filter

Filter in metal or in polyurethane foam

If the filter is not disposable in porous paper we can simply clean it.

In the case of the metal filter we will have to place it in a basin and wash it and degrease it with diesel fuel.

We will then dry it by spraying it with the compressor.

In the case of polyurethane foam filters, on the other hand, the filter can be washed with soap and water.

We'll then let it dry completely before putting it back together.


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