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Tire condition greatly affects the performance of racing cars.

Like tires in good condition, they greatly improve the safety of common cars, for example by significantly reducing braking distances.

The checks we have to do on the tires to ensure maximum performance are as follows:

  • We check the depth of the tread, worn tires do not have a good grip, especially in the wet.

  • We check the shoulder of the rubber, if you notice cuts and swellings we must immediately replace it.

  • Tire inflation pressure must be correct, tires that are too inflated or too deflated will tend to wear out prematurely.

  • Check that there are no stones or other stuck on the tread between the blocks. If you find screws or nails driven in, take the tire to the tire shop to repair the puncture.

winter tires

Winter tires

These tires recommended for cold climates are made with special compounds that improve grip conditions in low temperatures and snow.

Do not use them in spring and summer, in fact they will have a bad seal in the heat and will wear out very quickly.

Here's what the abbreviations on the rubber shoulder mean:

rubber shoulder sigle


Manufacturer's warranty on the car


The bulbs of the car headlights


Car gas system


Rapeseed oil


Replace the air filter


Replace car battery

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