Stains on the car seats

how to get rid of the most common stains on seats

clean car seats

The most common stains on upholstery and car seats are caused by sweet drinks and food.

In these cases it may be sufficient to use a brush wet with water and neutral detergent.

In the event that the stains are caused by oil, grease or ink, it will be necessary instead to use trichlorethylene or petrol-based stain removers that dissolve the stain.

In this way we will proceed by cleaning the stain with a cloth soaked in product and then we will wash the whole area affected by the stain with a brush wet with water and neutral detergent.

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Trichlorethylene is a solvent of many organic compounds and is therefore an excellent stain remover. It is also suitable for cleaning metals because it removes the grease and grease patina very effectively.

It is advisable to use it only in a ventilated place and if you use it to remove stains from the car seats, leave the car open several hours before getting into it.

It is suspected that it has carcinogenic effects and in fact since the 70s of the last century it is no longer used for food purposes (e.g. decaffeinating coffee) or in dry cleaners as dry cleaning.


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