Beta Mini 900 / c39 travel tool box

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A super-compact tool shed that is easy to transport or takes up little space at home is a dream for everyone. This small box in the palm of one hand contains many wonders. In addition to an insert screwdriver, we have a small but efficient jack.

The collection of inserts is wide and embraces not only the classic star-shaped formats but also the increasingly widespread Allen and torx.

  • The universal joint can also be mounted on a screwdriver to reach screws in difficult positions.

    Very good Beta Mini 900 / c39

    The ratchet is precise, even the selection lever towards rotation. The bi-injected plastic handle is a comfortable and elegant bike.

    The screwdriver, also made with bi-injection molding, is solid and ergonomic.

  • The box joints seem well designed and hold the various components in place. Practical rotary coupling dispenser system

    The box looks solid, even the joint with metal plug underlines the general quality of the kit.


    If you want to find defects, the position of the bushes, but you have to guess where the screwdriver socket is located. You could order better

    A sore point, the price .. over 90 € discounted price on promotion. Better than the € 100 list price but still extremely excessive.

    This is a quality product, but compared to competitors the gap seems excessive.

  • The box of the box

    The packaging is beautiful in clear plastic closed by a shrink wrap, lets see the product contained in it. Nice detail of the printed accessories, but it is missing once the packaging has been removed.

    Unfortunately, if you lose an insert or a compass, it will be difficult to ask for a replacement in this way.

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    Repair the car


    Mechanic's garage equipped


    Oxidized metal anticorrosive protective


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    Punch with the drill


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