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Let's start from the seats first by vacuuming the surface, then if we are talking about seats in corrugated fabric we gently pass a brush to eliminate the deeper dust and vacuum again.

At this point, you can beat them with your hand like a carpet cleaner to remove the deeper dust and vacuum again.

Now we can start vacuuming the rest of the car.

If a deeper cleaning is necessary, we can use special foaming detergents to be sprayed directly on the seats. Just apply the foam and wait a few minutes for it to dry, then we will gently wipe with a cloth.

Before spraying them on the entire seat, try in a hidden corner of the upholstery that the product does not affect the color of the fabric.

On the other hand, if the problem is to remove the bad smell, perhaps that of cigarette smoke we can use the odor-removing products we use at home by spraying them directly in the car on all the fabric parts.

clean car seats

Products for seats and leather upholstery

To clean leather or smooth imitation leather seats and upholstery we can use a damp synthetic cloth such as chamois leather, soaked in water and a neutral detergent.

There are also special cloths on the market that you can find in auto accessories.

From time to time to preserve the real leather, use the special glycerin-based products that keep the skin supple without greasing and smell like a new car.


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