The fixative for walls

what is it for and when it should be used

local whitewash

The fixative, also known as Primer or Insulation, is a product that must be laid on walls that are whitewashed for the first time or particularly porous.

This product is to be applied in a very uniform way and it allows to reduce the absorption of paint by the wall, uniforming the final result.

In the case of new or newly re-plastered walls, it will be necessary to wait up to three weeks before starting the whitening operations to have a perfectly dry surface.

To speed up these times you can turn on the heaters or the fireplace.

The dilution of the product is usually reported on the packaging but if you notice the formation of a "skin" it will be necessary to further dilute the product.

If the wall is already bleached with water-based paint and passing over a colored coat it remains uniformly it will not be necessary to apply the fixative .

fixative insulating primer bleach

Primer, insulating, fixative: Less paint worn and uniform color

This product, which has several names, is in fact always made of low-odor acrylic resins, which allows better anchoring of the paint and a more uniform application. The product thus composed is not dangerous for health or for the environment.


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