Zinc spray

cold galvanization against rust


In the case of a galvanized or new product with traces of rust, it is possible to treat and restore the protection with a cold galvanizing, zinc spray.

There are on the market in fact cans of galvanizing ready for this use that is applied like a normal paint in can.

The spray recreates a corrosion-proof or rust-proof galvanizing, very practical, in fact there is no need to immerse the piece in the zinc-plated anodic bath. This is a quick and cheap solution to restore eg. gates, hollows but also joints of pipes subjected to welding or tanks and pylons.

zinc spray

How to apply the spray correctly?

To apply the galvanizing, proceed as follows:

  • If a thick layer of oxidation is present, remove the rust with a sandpaper or an iron brush
  • If the rust or part to be restored is a bounded part of the object, apply the paper tape to mask the area
  • Spray with a distance of about 30/40cm the part
  • Leave to dry for at least 20/30 minutes

Other anticorrosive and anti-rust

There is a great quantity of products for every need, among these the category of rust converters, which through a chemical reaction transform the oxidized part of the iron and stop the corrosion.


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