Decorate with a comb

whitewash the house by decorating the walls with the comb technique

This technique creates a surface with beautiful striped effects. The size of the rows depends on the type of comb you will use.

comb decoration technique

The comb technique uses enamel paint that gives depth and shine to the surface.

  • Add a few tablespoons of upholstery glue to the chosen color. The paint must be thick enough
  • Apply a generous amount of paint with a brush
  • Pass the comb creating the grooves first one way and then the other until the desired effect is achieved

Teeth of the comb

There are commercially available combs ready for this technique, but if you prefer you can cut out yourself from a piece of fairly stiff linoleum. The advantage, in this case, is that you can decide whether to create more or less thin toothing by varying the final effect.


Stencil for the walls


Lime color




Removal paint from wood


Wall glaze



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