Removal paint from wood

how to prepare wood for a new painting

Removing the old cracked paint from a window or furniture is an operation you may face.

We can use different strategies, simply use sandpaper and scrapers or use specific chemicals.

chemical stripper

In the case of chemicals:

  • With a scraper we remove the already detached parts of paint
  • We clean well from dust
  • We apply the special paint stripper
  • Let's act and then with the scraper we remove the detached paint
  • We repeat the operation for the parts not completely detached
sander orbital

In the case of sandpaper:

  • We eliminate the already detached parts
  • Using a sander we remove the still-attached paint using thinner glass sheets
  • We can help in the separation with a special hot air gun
pistola caldo sverniciare

Hot air gun

It's a sort of very powerful hairdryer with metal nozzles.

The different thermal expansion of the paint compared to the layer to which it is applied helps detachment.




The wallpaper


Oriental plaster


Sponging and coating


Remove paint from the metal


Paint the doors

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