Protect surfaces

how to avoid dirtying floors and furniture

To protect furniture and surfaces before whitening, remember to do the following:

    whitening taping
  • Cover the window and door jambs with paper tape by pressing well to make it adhere to the knot that the paint does not take out.
  • If you have furniture, move them to the center of the room and when it's not possible because heavy bikes simply unload them from the wall and cover them with a nylon cloth
  • Cover the floor with curtains and tape the skirting boards
  • Remove the plates from the sockets with a screwdriver and taped sockets and switches
switch plate

Sockets and switches

Remember not to paint sockets and switches because even if protected in the electrical system there is always a potentially dangerous electric current.


Touch up the indelible stains


Whiten with a roll or with a brush


Paint removal canceled


Buffer whitening


Whiten with a brush

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