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Stencil for the walls

how to apply the stencil decorations for the home

Technique used since ancient times, the stancil technique allows to realize decorations and greeks that run along the perimeter of the room or particular drawings.

stacil decorum room

Using acrylic paints will speed up your work because they tend to dry faster.

stancil sponge brushes

But let's see what happens:

  • Get the cut sheet with the decoration to repeat

  • With the spirit level, mark a guideline to align the decoration

  • Start decorating from the focal areas of the room

  • Secure the sheet with paper tape

  • Tap with the brush or with the special sponges to transfer the color

  • Once you have finished the section, move the sheet and continue on the next section

Stickers to decorate

There are practical adhesive trade to create decorations similar to those achievable with the stancil technique.

They are cut into a special film and simply glued to the wall.


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