Rooms color

psychology of color which are the most suitable colors for the various rooms

Color transmits us psychological and emotional effects, so choosing the color of a room is a delicate task and must be done keeping in mind the function.

chosen color psychology

We see emotions (positive and negative):

  • Red : it symbolizes passion, love, warmth, food, resistance, and it is very stimulating. For many it is a too aggressive color. It also symbolizes danger, blood, fire and violence. Painting in this color creates problems when it is subsequently covered with another color as it tends to resurface.

  • Rosa : symbolizes femininity and youth. Weakness and ingenuity.

  • Yellow : it symbolizes sunlight, happiness, growth and gold. It can also symbolize dishonesty, cowardice, betrayal, jealousy, falsehood, illness and risk. It 'a color that generally stimulates attention so it is not recommended for bedrooms or rooms where you want to achieve a relaxation effect.

  • Orange : it is a vibrant and welcoming color. It is very popular for websites. It also symbolizes attention and research. It is the complementary color of blue.

  • Green : it is nature, environment, life, growth, luck, youth, spring, fertility and religion. It also represents envy and jealousy but it is a color with a relaxing effect.

  • Purple : it symbolizes royalty, spirituality, passion and love. Cruelty, arrogance and crying. It combines very well with antique furniture or dark woods.

  • Blue : symbolizes calm, water, sky, harmony, trust, cleanliness and loyalty. Sadness and depression. Being a dark color it tends to tighten the spaces.

  • Brown : symbolizes neutrality, earth and warmth. It too tends to tighten the spaces.

  • Gray : symbolizes, intelligence, solidity, cleanliness and something modern. It is also associated with maturity & agrave; and sadness. Keep in mind that white also visually makes a grayscale, the use of gray emphasizes this effect.

  • White : it's cleanliness, innocence, space, purity, chastity, simplicity and peace. But also death (oriental cultures), coldness and sterility. It makes a room brighter and tends to make it look bigger.

  • Nero : associated with power, elegance, magic, mystery and night. It also symbolizes mourning and death (Western cultures), malice, unhappiness, sadness, remorse and anger. It 't tend to be avoided except in special cases where we want to obtain measured and controlled effects on the perception of space.


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