Paint the shutters

how do you maintain shutters?

Just like windows, wooden shutters guarantee high insulation performance, the disadvantage is that they require a lot of maintenance.

With the action of the sun's rays, the protective varnish applied tends to dry out and peel, leaving the unprotected wood exposed

In this case we will have to provide as soon as possible and take action in this order:

painting shutters
  • Completely remove paint from the shutter with special paint strippers or using sandpaper and sander.
  • Unplug the hardware with paper tape (masking) if you do not want to dismantle it completely.
  • Apply one or more coats of the new protective color by slightly sanding with 120 grit between each coat of paint.

Protect the paintwork

The protective varnish tends to dry out due to the effect of the sun's rays and bad weather.

You can increase its duration by sprinkling the shutter with linseed oil spread with a brush.

Apply to the window at least once a year.




Remove paint from the metal




Removal paint from wood


Stencil for the walls


Lime color

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