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how to maintain wooden windows and doors

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Wooden windows guarantee high insulation performance, the disadvantage is that they require great maintenance.

By doing maintenance every 2/3 years it will be possible to slightly sand the surface and proceed with a new painting. On the other hand, if you wait longer or the conditions of the window do not allow it, you will need to act as follows.

With the action of the sun's rays, the applied protective varnish tends to dry out and peel, leaving the unprotected wood exposed.

Unprotected wood can degrade quickly

In this case we will have to provide as soon as possible and take action in this order:

  • Completely paint the window with special paint strippers or with the use of sandpaper
  • Pop the glass with paper tape (masking)
  • Apply the colored impregnate if necessary
  • Apply one or more coats of the new protective paint.

The color of the wood

Very often wooden shutters come in colors other than those of the wood in which they are made (almost always fir). They can in fact be Cherry, Walnut, etc. ..

This occurs for aesthetic reasons, and this effect can be achieved in two ways:

  • By using a colored impregnating agent on the wood and subsequently applying a transparent protective coating.
  • Or with a colored protective.

The surface finish

To obtain a perfectly smooth surface, similar to that of a new frame, apply several coats of protective sanding with the sander between one coat and the other with sandpaper (grain 120).

Then smooth the surface with thinner sandpaper until you get the desired result.

Brush painting

If possible to get the best result, go over the strip you want to paint with long passes, enter and exit the piece without stopping until you have spread the paint in a homogeneous ode and cross the coats with each coat.

For example, first hand vertically, second hand horizontally.


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