Natural pigments

earthy, inorganic and organic

We are available to whiten and color:

  • The earth pigments extracted from the mines and treated by grinding, drying and sludge reduction. In reality it is nothing more than metals that contain iron oxide (reds), graphite, green lands.
  • Organic pigments deriving from plants, flowers and animals: eg oak bark, exotic woods, thistle leaves, certain colored berries, saffron, cuttlefish ink, carmine and casein and many others .
  • The calcium caseinate from which the milk casein derives, which after being separated from sugars and minerals becomes soluble and desiccant. Given the latter particularity can be used for powder solutions that require high water solubility.
natural pigments

Today these pigments are used mainly in the countries of South America in a traditional way for artistic purposes and as hair dyes and food.

They are also used for the preparation of wood coatings: the calcium caseinate used for wall, stone, plaster, wood and binder paints. In addition, calcium caseinate is washable and insoluble.


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