Remove paint from the metal

how to prepare the metal for a new painting

paint rust metal

To paint and repaint a metal object, the railing of a balcony or fence will have to be; first of all remove the raised paint by passing with an iron brush.

There are also some iron brushes to be applied to the drill which facilitate the operation.

If necessary, use some sandpaper to improve the surface if it is too rough.

Once the raised paint has been removed, the anti-rusting agent will be applied, insisting well on the metal parts that have remained uncovered and rusty.

paint off metal brush iron

Rust-proof rust converter

The rust converter is a product that is applied to the metal left exposed by the paint and has a slight oxidation.

This beige colored product, once applied to the oxidation, becomes blackish and can be used as a base for the new painting.

If the iron is very rusty, wipe the surface with an iron brush and some sandpaper before applying the converter.


Venetian plaster


Wall glaze




Stencil for the walls


Oriental plaster


The wallpaper

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