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Clean the brushes

how to clean the brushes and the roller after bleaching

dirty brush

Depending on the type of paint used, the brushes and the rollers will be cleaned in a specific way, but in general remember to never wash the brushes with synthetic bristles in very hot water as the bristles tend to join.

  • In the case of water-based paint, wash them in warm water with soap, rinse them well and then let them dry with the bristles facing upwards.
  • In the case of protective flatting or nitro varnishes, it will be necessary to use the diluent, leaving them immersed in the diluent and rub them with a cloth until sufficiently cleaned and then they will be washed with water and stored.
  • In the case of water-based glazes, it will be sufficient to wash with water (the paint must still be fresh, do not let it dry).


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