Hydro painting

characteristics and indications of use and classification

internal water paint

The water-based paints are classified in different specific types according to the peculiar characteristics:

  • The breathability has the ability to let the rooms breathe and are therefore suitable for bathrooms, kitchens or otherwise damp rooms
  • The washable, once dry, suitable for rooms without humidity or condensation problems when dry, create an opaque and velvety surface with good resistance to rubbing and can be washed with a damp cloth.
  • The superwearables have a high covering power and are very resistant to washing and are therefore suitable for outdoor use because they create a water-repellent surface that is still sufficiently breathable.
  • Sanitizers contain special substances (acrylic resins) that create a substrate that can not be affected by mold. This is why they are indicated in public or high-traffic areas such as schools, hospitals, etc.
  • The insulating materials instead contain substances with a high insulation coefficient and prevent in the most cases; slight, condensation.

Water-based paint and heat

Painting for plasters that requires to be diluted in water before use, the dilution characteristics may vary from brand to brand, followed in principle the directions but if in summer it is very hot remember to keep the bucket closed and to pour a useful amount into a smaller container so that it does not tend to dry out.


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