Oriental plaster

how to make the tadelakt plaster technique

tadelakt oriental stucco

A rather complicated technique that also makes use of the trowel for the drafting, it creates truly special and fascinating effects.

  • Prepare the special tadelakt tint in a bucket mixing it according to the doses. Remember to use the product within 48 hours.
  • It spreads the color with the roller for working areas of 5 square meters, then reworked with a dry roller.
  • Wait 20 minutes and pass the surface with the trowel, smoothing well in all directions and let it dry completely
  • Give a light second hand using only the trowel
  • After it has dried, polish the wall with the trowel and the appropriate wax

The irregularities created by this technique will give life to the walls. The technique is suitable for both indoor and outdoor.

tadelakt parete stucco

From cisterns to houses

This technique was formerly used to waterproof water tanks.

It is therefore suitable for all home environments including bathroom and kitchen, it is also often used in steamy Hammams.


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