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those who spend more spend less

whitewashing wall

It seems absurd, but to whitewash often those who spend less spend less because to make less effort both in the preparation phases and in the whitening ones it is necessary to have the right products.

A good tape that does not break and does not ooze the paint soiling the support can prevent damage to furniture and hours of cleaning.

The same is true for sheets which, if tough, resist better and therefore better protect against dripping or dusting of dried paint.

A similar argument is that for paints which, if of good quality, have greater covering power then they save hands of application and above all time and effort.

The advice is therefore to spend some extra money to save effort.

paint bucket

Paints justified cost

To produce a paint, pigments are needed, these substances, if present in sufficient quantities, make the whitening effective.

Often low-cost paints contain little pigment, so they have lower opacity and this leads to having to apply more hands to achieve the same result.

For this reason it is advisable to buy paints of better quality, allowing you to save effort.


Prepare the premises for whitening


Wall conditions


Plan the painting


Natural pigments

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