Hazardous substances

preservatives heavy metals fungicides and High Solids

dangerous substances varnishes

Let's get acquainted with the most common solvents to prepare colors and paints, also hinting at the risks to human health and the environment:

  • The wall paints and synthetic paints are added with the most economical preservative: formaldehyde (considered one of the 10 most carcinogenic substances);
  • Heavy metals are contained in paints especially lead (highly carcinogenic) followed by cadmium and chromium (potential allergens);
  • The anti-mold products in the long term leads to cases of chronic poisoning (usually on the label the phrase "Product against organic aggression" is put;
  • Lastly the High Solids (two-component paints) paints that are used for kitchens and parquet. The most common type is polyurethane paint (known as DD lacquer).

In some countries that pay more attention to health and the environment, we try to:

avoid the use of more harmful and dangerous solvents by using low-aromatics, isolates, citrus peel oils; use water-based paints of lower toxicity that do not give off dangerous odors, which can be diluted with water and whose brushes used for painting can be cleaned without solvents.


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