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Choose the right paint

how to choose the type according to the room to be whitewashed

enamel paint

Paints are not all the same.

It is important to choose quality products to achieve better results and save time and effort.

Depending on the occasion, you can choose between tempera paints, water paints and enamels.

In turn, water-based paints are divided into breathable, washable, super-washable, sanitizing and thermal insulating.

Here is a summary scheme:

poisonous paint substance

Ventilated rooms and toxic paints

Paints can be based on water or synthetic solvents. In any case, it is advisable to avoid inhaling synthetic solvents or other organic compounds that are released from the paints during the drying phase.

It is therefore always advisable to whitewash open windows to guarantee excellent ventilation.


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Share your experence

Share your experence


& nbsp;

Not very resistant to humidity, to be used for interiors in dry rooms



Ideal for bathrooms and kitchens or in damp rooms


Opaque and velvety appearance cleanable with a damp cloth. do not use for damp rooms


Excellent resistance to maximum covering effect wash


A base of acrylic resins makes the walls healthier, resisting molds better: suitable for public places

Thermal insulation

Made of high-insulating substances, it reduces condensation


Water based

Ideal for closed environments

Synthetic solvent