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Often renewing the color to a room is the need to paint even the radiators.

Remember that these paintings must always be carried out on radiators off, so in case of winter remember to switch them off first.

If it is cast iron radiators there may be traces of rust, in this case remove them with an iron brush before painting and use an anti-rust enamel additive.

radiator brush

Let's see the phases of the work:

  • Switch off the radiators in the event of winter
  • Remove any traces of rust with an iron brush and remove the dust. The surface must be perfectly degreased to make the paint adhere.
  • Get the right paint as you work in often closed environments it is preferable to use water-based glazes. In case solvent-based glazes are used, the room is well ventilated
  • Use a medium brush for smooth faces, and an angled brush for interstices

Angled brush for radiators

It has a longer handle than usual and bent to better reach the internal spaces of the radiator.


Sponging and coating


Removing sponge


The wallpaper


Apply wallpaper




Wall glaze

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