Patch the edges

how to cover an edge with the wallpaper

To glue the paper from spreading the sheets perfectly vertical do not trust the references of a corner or a window but always draw a reference using the plumb line to maintain a perfect verticality.

When you get near a corner, proceed as follows:

  • Measure down, halfway and top the distance between the last sheet laid and the corner or corner

  • Take this measurement and add 2.5 / 3 cm. It will be the width of the cloth you need.

  • Glue it making sure that it adheres well with the brush

  • If the paper tends to wrinkle in the corner after the fold, make small horizontal cuts with a pair of scissors.

Avoiding ripples

After the angle to avoid the ripples due to the imperfect orthogonality of horizontal cuts on the paper with a pair of scissors.

This will allow the card to extend itself and avoid ripples.


Oriental plaster


Paint the doors


Apply wallpaper


Paint the shutters


Removing sponge


The wallpaper


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