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To correctly apply the wallpaper, you need first of all the type of ornamental motif printed on it.

In the case of repeated motifs on the whole roll it will be necessary to take care to make cuts that do not match repetitions to reproduce the drawing correctly.

If this happens you will have to adjust by lowering or raising the sheet.

Wallpaper can create sophisticated motion effects, geometric designs such as stripes can change the perception of a room's space.

paste wallpaper

Vertical lines will make the room appear higher, horizontal lines will favor the outlook.

Remember to use light tones for smaller rooms.

To apply the paper, proceed as follows:

  • Prepare the base by laying the sealant on the wall

  • Start gluing the paper from a corner of the room, perhaps near the access door

  • Mark the junctions and calculate the measurements for the overlays so that the decoration is correctly repeated

Adhesives based on starch

paste wallpaper tools

To paste the wallpaper, use the appropriate starch-based glues to facilitate the task during the removal of the paper.

With this type of adhesive it is in fact sufficient to wet the surface of the paper very well with a sponge to remove it easily.

Avoid vinyl glues because they are really very difficult to remove.


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