Prepare the premises for whitening

protect surfaces and work cleanly

whiten house

This phase is crucial for the success of the work and should therefore not be underestimated.

Covering furniture with sheets and using our paper saves fatigue in subsequent cleaning jobs.

The advice is to spend more attention to this phase to save more effort in the cleaning phase.

You need them in this phase:

  • Plastic sheets of different sizes
  • Good quality paper tape
  • floor covering sheets

You'll have to cover everything that's not painted so

  • The shutter boxes
  • the rope of the shutters
  • you will have to disassemble the sockets and tap the fruits (sockets and switches) so as not to dirty them
  • mask (cover the part not to be painted) the skirting boards and the door and window frames

Plastic sheets

They are single-use and are available in different sizes as required.

It is advisable not to reuse the sheets because the paint on the canvas tends to come off and dirty the room. remember to arm yourself with a good paper tape that sticks well but detaches easily and is also impermeable enough so as not to penetrate the paint.


Good quality materials


Natural pigments


Wall conditions


Plan the painting

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