Touch up the indelible stains

how to permanently erase the indelible stains from the walls

clean wall stains

It may happen to stain a wall, in these cases you can clean with a sponge.

Where it is not enough, the stained part will be sanded with a lightly padded sandpaper and then retouched with a brush.

Remember that if you do not use standard colors, but colors made specifically, to keep in a glass jar a bit of color just in case of these tweaks.

If you have not retained touch-up paint, you can recreate the color by keeping the tint-meter code (machine to make colored paints.

glass jar

Keep to paint

To preserve some touch-up paint, place it in a glass jar and not a metal one (it would tend to rust).

Then indicate the date and the room with a label, remember that over time the paint tends to separate and it too has an expiration date, it will not be good forever.


Protect surfaces


Whiten with a brush


Paint removal canceled


Buffer whitening


Whiten with a roll or with a brush


Whiten with the roller

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