Plan the painting

calculate what you need for the job

 whiten wall  

Before embarking on any painting, it is essential to take a pen and paper and calculate the amount of varnish needed and draw up a list of the necessary materials.

To calculate the paint you need to first check the surface in square meters that we will have to deal with and the number of applications (almost always at least a couple of hands).

To calculate the surface if the rooms are of regular shape (parallelepiped), simply measure the perimeter and multiply it by the height of the room.

At this point, once the paint has been chosen, we will read the consumption (liters per square meter) and the game is done.

Check the state of the underlying plaster

To obtain a good result, the substrate on which it is to be painted must not show peeling or detaching. In case there are problems of this kind it is better to solve them first by renewing or repairing the underlying plaster

Brushes, roller, paper tape, sheets to cover furniture, a screwdriver to disassemble the vents for paint pouring, a net for the roller and an instrument to mix the paint with water will also be needed.

To start with the right foot ...

  • Calculate precisely everything you need.
  • Work with good lighting, preferably during the day.
  • Remember that if the first color is not uniform, probably with the second draft everything will settle, do not despair.
  • The color should be evaluated with a dry paint, in fact the wet paint tends to be more transparent and therefore gives a different effect.
  • Try the color of the room on a nice square on the wall, do not just make a brushstroke because the perception of color changes a lot from the close colors.


Good quality materials


Prepare the premises for whitening


Wall conditions


Natural pigments

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