The painter's tools

what it takes to whiten the house

Choosing the tools is not a moment to be underestimated, the right tools influence the final result. Quality tools and the right organization speed up and simplify work.

folding aluminum ladder

Folding ladder

The most practical scales in these cases are certainly the transformable ones.

These models with joints allow you to fold the ladder even in the shape of a trestle, creating a raised surface.

It is preferable to choose models made of aluminum because it is solid and light.

paint roller whiten


The roller is a quick tool for evenly applying paint or primer before painting.

There are rolls in cotton or sponge, while they are made of velvet for special effects or to paint with enamel paint.

There are also special models in sponge or rubber to create particular effects.

Before using a new roller it is best to soak it in water for a while and then wash it with soap.

Remember to dry it before using it, you can use it even when wet.

To reach the ceiling or the upper part of the walls, use the special extensions to be inserted in the handle of the roller and tape it with a bit of paper tape to prevent it from leaving the seat.

brush plaque

Plafoncini (commonly called brushes)

They are available in different sizes with natural or synthetic bristles.

Those with synthetic bristles are ideal for glazes.

boar brush


There are very different shapes, but always with natural or synthetic bristles. on the basis of the type of paint to be used, it is preferable to use those with synthetic hairs for enamel-type paints.

Natural ones can have ox or boar hair, the latter have greater resistance to wear.

polythene nylon sheet

Nylon sheets

Cheap and single-use, they cover furniture and floors well, protecting them from splashes of paint. There are different sizes and in some cases they already have the built-in adhesive tape for fixing as in the case of those suitable for the shutter boxes.

painter paper tape

Paper adhesive tape

Essential for protecting the skirting boards and jambs it also serves to create lines in the paint, for example in the case of the dividing line between the wall and the ceiling in the case of different colors.

There are different thicknesses.

net roller bucket

Rigid mesh for the roller or bowl

The net can be in metal or plastic and hooking it to the bucket allows to squeeze the excess paint on the roller.

roller veschetta whitening

You can alternatively use the special roller tray that has the same function and in many cases is more practical.

plaster putty spatula

Plaster spatula

Used to apply the grout to close the holes or smooth out the imperfections.

After washing to clean it, remember to dry it because it often tends to rust

plaster scraper spatula


It can be used both for plastering and for helping to remove wallpaper.

natural sponging sponge

Synthetic sponge

To clean the greasy dirt from the walls or to create a special type of decorative paint called sponging.

glazed abrasive paper

Abrasive paper

It can be used to eliminate stains or small rough edges.

Go over the grouting of the holes once the grout has dried to level them perfectly.


Remove moisture from a wall


Rooms color


Hydro painting


Zinc spray


Anti-rust primer for metals


Adhesives silicone silicones

Portaombrelli design Luca Perlini


Portaombrelli design Luca Perlini

Attaccapanni equilibrio design Luca Perlini


Attaccapanni equilibrio design Luca Perlini

Letto baldacchino design Luca Perlini


Letto baldacchino design Luca Perlini

Tavolo cave design Luca Perlini


Tavolo cave design Luca Perlini

Attaccapanni Bitta set design Luca Perlini


Attaccapanni Bitta design Luca Perlini

Attaccapanni Bitta set design Luca Perlini


Poltrona Ozio design Luca Perlini

Portaombrelli design Luca Perlini

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