When to turn on the BBQ

keep the embers and the temperature constant

charcoal wood embers

It takes about thirty minutes to transform the wood into embers and thus allows food to be cooked without causing burns (otherwise harmful to health).

To light the charcoal quickly, it is advisable to use fire-light cubes before putting the food on the grill in order not to compromise its flavor. In BBQs there are usually ventilation drawers or valves that must be opened to increase the ignition of the charcoal.

For shutdown just close the valves thus blocking the flow of oxygen!

Sometimes the BBQ doesn't want to light up so we have to make sure that:

  • there is no problem with the ignition system.
  • the charcoal is not moist
  • there are no low temperatures outside (at this point we use gas!)
charcoal on

It is clear that the temperature will tend to vary with the passage of time: do not worry just add more charcoal and if we want to obtain the TOP we can create a brazier with separate power supply from which to draw already hot charcoal.

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